Odysseus | A Vertiprime Technology


A procurement technology framework layering the emergent technologies of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and internet of things using encrypted data transfer protocols.

Project Odysseus

In a fully operable state, Odysseus will predictively identify replacement parts and calculate precise unit-level pricing. In this construct, there is no bid process and the complete elimination of engineering redundancies. Moreover, all critical data, to include the 3D CAD/CAM files and associated G&M Codes, is secured in an encrypted Blockchain and not on random vendor computers across the country.

Via reduced labor and more exact pricing, we anticipate a 10% annual savings to DoD. Within the aviation spares market alone, this will exceed $100 million dollars a year. Using Odysseus, the DoD not only addresses cyber security risks amongst the small business manufacturing base, it eliminates the need for NIST standards altogether.

Using state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence, Odysseus eliminates cyber security threats, automatically streamlines the fulfillment of manufactured parts, and improves overall quality. In addition, Odysseus will immediately be ready for use in non-military commercial areas such as aerospace, oilfield services, and heavy equipment.